Kamaka Headstock Decals

Here are the Kamaka headstock decals.  Along with their years.

Pre 1920

20’s thru mid 30’s

Mid 30’s thru ?

The Pineapple headstock decal, but with a silver painted brass pineapple charm glued to the headstock.  Kamaka left a message about this headstock decal.  This was not done at the Factory.  This was done either by individuals or a store.  Thank you for that info!

Beginning in 1954, until 2001, the trademarked Double K decal was used.

Late 60’s Gold Label “Short” Tiki Headstock

Early 70’s Tiki Model Headstock

Then beginning in 2001, the Double K logo became an inlaid logo, with Mother of Pearl.

I hope this information helps you to date your Kamaka!


13 Responses to “Kamaka Headstock Decals”

  1. Silver painted brass pineapple charm glued to the headstock was not done at the factory. It may have been something a store did or maybe individuals.

  2. I have a tiki gold label where the tiki is a bit different from all the others. I am thinking it was one of the first made. Do you know anything about this? Not shown on your headstock page.

  3. I have a Kamaka “Special Concert Size” that matches the label you show, and I’m pretty sure it was purchased (by my Father) in the early 20s. Thanks for your webpage. Any idea of the value (excellent condition).

  4. Toni Rhodes Says:

    My Soprano uke has headstock decal like your 30’s pineapple style with a label like 1920’s except 4 dots on each side of “Ukuleles Since 1916”

  5. Did Kamaka ever make a gold label pineapple with no headstock logo at all? There is one on ebay, but without a headstock logo i’m not sure about it.

  6. I have a gold label soprano that has no decal. I wonder what happened there? ideas? It is supposed to be from the 50-60s.

    • I have a Kamaka soprano four string from 1966-67 vintage. Purchased in Honolulu at that time when I lived there. It has the gold KK label, but at the bottom of the label it says “Honolulu, Hawaii” and NOT “Handcrafted . .. .” It also does not have a headstock decal. I am wondering whether anyone else is aware of this combination of characteristics for this vintage uke.

  7. Im trying to date my tiki ukuleles but i have a question about the labels.
    I have both short and long tiki ukuleles and both have gold labels.
    The label on the short tiki ukulele looks like the gold label you have pictured, the other ukulele gold label says Honolulu, Hawaii instead of Hawaiian Handmade.

    Which label did they use first?

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