Kamaka Labels & Their Dates

One of the best ways to date your Kamaka (if the date stamp is gone) is by the label and headstock logo.  Here are the different interior labels, and their dates.

I am missing some of them, and some of these are not that great or clear.  If you have any better photos feel free to email them to me.  Thanks!

Pre 1928 Pineapple Label Non-Patent

1928-mid 30’s Pineapple Label

mid 30’s – ? Pineapple Label

1920 Label

c. 1920’s – ?

(reads KAMAKA Genuine Hand-Made Ukuleles Since 1916 / Kamaka Ukulele Factory / Honolulu 19, Hawaii)

I’ve been trying to find out exactly when the first Concert size ukulele were made.  By the font of this label, I would assume this Concert was made in the 1920’s.  Also, it may not have been a regular model at this time, as they specifically mentioned that it was a “Special Concert Size”.

Gold Label 1954-1969

Special Label used by Sam Kamaka Jr on ukulele that he personally made.  This one is dated May 1, 1969.

White Label 1969-2001

Current Label 2001-Present

Updated June 23, 2011


14 Responses to “Kamaka Labels & Their Dates”

  1. […] to the the unofficial kamaka ukulele blog it is made between 1954 and […]

  2. From their website: “In dating Kamaka ukuleles, the headstock decal and the interior label are significant. The trademark “double K” decal was used on Kamaka ukuleles beginning in 1954. This decal was used in conjunction with an interior gold label bearing the words “Kamaka Ukulele” in red and black lettering that matched the font of the decal. This combination of decal and label was used until 1969. In 1969, the gold label was replaced by a smaller interior label with a white background and the same trademark red and black lettering. However, the same double K headstock decal remained in use. From 1978 to 2000, a “Samuel Kamaka, Luthier” label was also applied to the custom ukuleles.”

    I just found this out tonight when trying to date my own Kamaka uke, so with the white label and the double K on the headstock, my uke was made anywhere from 1969 to probably mid 70’s since this was my Uncle’s uke and he passed on in the 70s.

  3. I will have to use your site to check my kamaka. It was my grandfathers and I am trying to learn to play now after his passing 20+ years ago. Great site!

  4. pichit_assa Says:

    I am not an expert but believe this is early 70’a label which is not in this list, please help to clarify.

    • I have one with a similar label. It was purchased by my mother in 1967 when she was living in Hawaii, and I have no reason to doubt it’s authenticity. The quality of the gluing seems slapdash, the body is mahogany and the fretboard & bridge are koa, but again seem poor quality. Three pearl dot inlays on the side. There is a small booklet included listing model numbers and the story of the company. Other sites say that the body is stamped with a date, but I can’t find one.

  5. bill goodman Says:

    I have a ukulele with gold label with red and black lettering and the double K on the head.But the wood is more mahogany color body with a darker brown fret board, it has three pearl dots on the fret board and bridge,can you give me info to identify what I have?

  6. David Brunson Says:

    Hello, I have a vintage Kamaka with the label you show up top referenced as 1928-mid 30′s Pineapple Label. The headstock is missing a decal, but the label is intact and has a handwritten number at the bottom. Is that a serial number? This was given to me by a family member and appears quite old. Just trying to get more info on it. Thanks, David

  7. I have a white lable Sop Kamaka without the KK on the headstock is this unusual?

  8. cornelius Says:

    is it possible that some gold labels have been printed without the ‘hawaiian handmade’ or ‘honolulu, hawaii’ lettering on it? i find a few ukes on ebay featuring this kind of label (the bottom edge being just under the ‘ukulele’ lettering, as if the rest of it had been cut…) but not sure they are original…

  9. I have a white label that is not shown here. Instead of Kamaka’s Ukulele it says Kamaka’s Pineapple on top line with ukulele underneath. Patent date to the left 1814 s. King Honolulu below. #6866. Can you shed any light on its age? I’m assuming late 20’s with the font.

  10. Werther Loshman Says:

    The label marked 1920? has a postal zone 19 which did not exist before 1943

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