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1936-1937 Kalai Pineapple Parade Photos

Posted in Photos on July 29, 2011 by unofficialkamakaukulele

These photos were forwarded to me by mds725 over at the Ukulele Underground.  They were taken between 1936-37.  The float here is covered in Kalai Pineapple Ukuleles.  Thanks for the photos Mark!!!

As commented by  Kamaka: “those are actually Kalai, not Kamaka pineapples. Sam Sr. let Kalai use the pineapple decal on their ukuleles. Dates sound about right because in the 40′s, Kalai changed their name to Kalae to make it sound more Hawaiian. This information is from Fred Kamaka, Sr.”


What I’ve been up to…

Posted in Site Information on July 23, 2011 by unofficialkamakaukulele

I’ve got more to post here on the Unofficial Kamaka History Page, don’t fret 🙂

If anyone can help with it, I’ve been trying to search out the articles from Issue 10 & 11 of the Fretboard Journal.  According to their website both of these issues had an article on Kamaka ukuleles.  I’d like to get them to post, and will be contacting Fretboard Journal to see if they could help with that.

Soprano page is up.  Still working on it.  Gathering photos of White Labels, and 30’s era Sopranos.

Check back often for updates!

Donald Chan Factory Tour Photos

Posted in Photos on July 11, 2011 by unofficialkamakaukulele

Some really nice shots of the Kamaka Factory during a tour by Donald Chan.