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Kamaka Labels & Their Dates

Posted in Dating Your Kamaka Ukulele, History on June 10, 2011 by unofficialkamakaukulele

One of the best ways to date your Kamaka (if the date stamp is gone) is by the label and headstock logo.  Here are the different interior labels, and their dates.

I am missing some of them, and some of these are not that great or clear.  If you have any better photos feel free to email them to me.  Thanks!

Pre 1928 Pineapple Label Non-Patent

1928-mid 30’s Pineapple Label

mid 30’s – ? Pineapple Label

1920 Label

c. 1920’s – ?

(reads KAMAKA Genuine Hand-Made Ukuleles Since 1916 / Kamaka Ukulele Factory / Honolulu 19, Hawaii)

I’ve been trying to find out exactly when the first Concert size ukulele were made.  By the font of this label, I would assume this Concert was made in the 1920’s.  Also, it may not have been a regular model at this time, as they specifically mentioned that it was a “Special Concert Size”.

Gold Label 1954-1969

Special Label used by Sam Kamaka Jr on ukulele that he personally made.  This one is dated May 1, 1969.

White Label 1969-2001

Current Label 2001-Present

Updated June 23, 2011


Kamaka Headstock Decals

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Here are the Kamaka headstock decals.  Along with their years.

Pre 1920

20’s thru mid 30’s

Mid 30’s thru ?

The Pineapple headstock decal, but with a silver painted brass pineapple charm glued to the headstock.  Kamaka left a message about this headstock decal.  This was not done at the Factory.  This was done either by individuals or a store.  Thank you for that info!

Beginning in 1954, until 2001, the trademarked Double K decal was used.

Late 60’s Gold Label “Short” Tiki Headstock

Early 70’s Tiki Model Headstock

Then beginning in 2001, the Double K logo became an inlaid logo, with Mother of Pearl.

I hope this information helps you to date your Kamaka!