Kamaka Guitars

For the past  couple years I’ve been listing the Kamaka Guitars under the “Rare Kamaka” section.  More of these have been popping up, so I’ve decided to dedicate an entire page to these instruments.  Most all of these were seen at UkuleleFriend.com, Shawn gets the coolest ukulele’s, I don’t know how he finds all of these great Kamaka’s, but I’m glad he does!

1920’s Kamaka Guitar

This is pretty cool.  Setup to play slide guitar, lap style.  Also notice the little fretboard extension over the soundhole, and the offset bridge pins.


1920’s Kamaka Guitar

Beautiful and extremely rare 1920s Kamaka Guitar in refurbished condition. Fully functional, this gorgeous piece is only one of a limited number of guitars handcrafted by Kamaka.

Kamaka guitars are tremendously rare and highly collectible Hawaiian instruments. This one is handcrafted in the spanish style construction out of gorgeous Hawaiian Koa wood face, back, sides, neck, and fretboard. The pyramid bridge is crafted of ebony wood in the classical bridge style.  The instrument also boasts an elegant rope marquetry rosette and top purfling, bridge pin set up, and original geared slotted-headstock tuners.

Extremely rare ‘K. Kamaka Honolulu, HI’ cigar band on headstock making this piece a very early build. The cigar band was reserved for K. Kamaka’s earliest builds and most ukuleles and guitars do not bear this historical decal.


Total length: 36 3/4 inches
Body length: 18 1/4 inches
Scale: 24 1/2 inches
Upper bout width: 10 1/16 inches
Lower bout width: 13 1/4 inches
Upper bout depth: 3 9/16 inches
Lower bout width: 3 13/16 inches




1968 Custom Brazilian Rosewood Kamaka Classical Guitar
Another rare Kamaka from UkuleleFriend.com

1969 Kamaka Classical Guitar

Another rare guitar that Ukulele Friend has had.  Check it out here.

A piece of art! Extremely stunning and rare 1969 Custom Kamaka ‘Classical’ Guitar handcrafted by master luthier Samuel Kamaka. This beautiful guitar was a special commission undertaken by the Kamaka custom shop in the late sixties and has been professionally refinished to return it to its former glory.

Master grade Hawaiian curly Koa wood back and sides with master grade spruce soundboard for added clarity and depth and a full range response. Solid Spanish Cedar wood neck and Maple wood top and back binding, ebony wood fingerboard and matching Koa wood headstock cap and Cuban Mahogany wood bridge for aesthetic appeal. Intricate classical guitar rosette fashioned in traditional style and top red and purfling lines for a subtle but elegant appeal.

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